huipil hand embroidered pillow


I was gifted a number of vintage huipiles that were brought back from Guatemala.  They were incredibly beautiful and were covered with hand embroidery.  They were very old so some parts of them were very worn out.  So I decided to "upcycle" them and piece together the most fantastic parts of embroidery to make a pillow. 

how to reupholster a chair


I am making over my home office/ studio space.  I was sitting in a chair that was not good for my back and I had to make a change.  I decided to go onto craigslist and find a used office chair.  I found one, but it needed to be reupholstered. This is my first reupholstery project, so buckle up for this really fun and time consuming project.

how to upcycle your clothes with dyeing

Denim Dress Upcycle Shibori Tutorial

Do you have a piece of clothing or two that you love and have thought about throwing out, but you can't because you love it too much?  This denim dress is a favorite and is past its prime.  It's faded a lot and has some stains on it.  I wanted to give it a new look in hopes that it can have some more life. 


Artist Interview Katrin Reifeiss- Talking Slow Fashion

Artist Interview Katrin Reifeiss- Talking Slow Fashion

I sat down with Kat Reifeiss to talk about making slow fashion and dyeing. She has two lines: Katrin Reifeiss and Wear Upstate. She is an experienced dyer with a line of handmade clothes and accessories. We talk about how she got started, her process and even get a little tour of her studio!
Denim Shirt Upcycling tutorial

Denim Shirt Upcycle Tutorial

I was so bummed out when I somehow got bleach on one of my favorite J.Crew denim shirts! I decided to upcycle instead of throw it out because it had a lot of life left.