tie dye pillows


I love to make shibori pillows.  I have a selection of premade pillows and then many are made to order.  I think they are a great way to give a modern fun lift to your sofa or bedroom.  I made a sew with me vlog to give you a little behinds the scenes peak of me in action.  

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how to make a shibori face mask


I've detailed my step by step for making my favorite face covering/ mask pattern.  I have downloaded the pattern from the link below.  I have drafted the pattern up and down to make sizes.  The face covering in the video is an XL that I have adjusted to be bigger than the L. The best thing about this face covering is that it has ear elastics and head straps. 

indigo tie dye shibori tutorial- stitched shibori

Ink Blot Pattern-Easy Stitched Shibori Pattern

It's a fun pattern to do and also makes a great conversation starter on your couch! What do you see?

The technique is fairly simple as far as a stitched shibori pattern goes.  Accordion fold the piece to the desired width and then tack the edge with repetitive stitching.  Watch the video for a visual.