natural dyed fabric with onions

Natural Dyeing with Yellow Onion Skins Tutorial

I decided to venture into the world of natural dyeing!  I am starting with natural onion dyeing because it's easy and only called for a salt solution.  Most dyeing calls for chemicals, but there are ways to get natural colors without the chemicals. Onion skin dyeing is one of the easiest types of natural dyeing. 
interview with susanna taylor natural dyer

Artist Interveiw: Susanna Taylor Natural Dyer

I sat down with Susanna Taylor to talk about natural dyeing and life!  She told me all about her 7+ years of dyeing experience.  We go over learning how to natural dye in the Amazon Rain Forest, and moving out of NYC
tie dye onesies

Onesie Dyeing Tutorial- Easy Shibori

It seems like everyone I know is pregnant or has just had a baby.  I decided to get some onesies to dye for presents.  This a really fun activity and it would be a great activity for a baby shower.  I've posted a video on my YouTube Channel- Catherine Ruhl Check it out.  If you like it, please subscribe, like, comment and share.  xoxo