Ice Tie Dye Technique

Ice Tie Dye

The Ice Dyeing technique is so much fun and really easy.  It uses the same kind of dye as tie dye, but instead of mixing up the dye with water you use ice to mix the power dye into liquid.  I'm making color swatches with a new kit and I think they turned out so nice!  These will help me in the future when I'm picking out colors for new projects.  Color theory and placement are so important! If you have a lot of dyes in your stash then this is a good way to keep track of what they look like. There is still a lot of dye in the containers and I can't wait to make more projects.  The kit comes with soda ash and synthrapol, which is really a great value.  Soda ash fixes the dye before you apply the dye and synthrapol is known as dyers' detergent.  It helps to keep the colors from transfering from the dyed parts of the fabric and going onto the undyed parts of the fabric when washing.  

Ice Dye Shirt Tutorial


Ice Dyeing is really fun and easy.  It's a bit of a process to set it up but after you get that done- you let the ice do the work for you.  In order to do ice dyeing you will need procion dye. For more in depth look at ice dyeing you can check out my SKILLSHARE CLASS: How to Ice for Beginners.  You can get a free 14 day trial of Skillshare Premium with this link: