Ice Dye Shirt Tutorial

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-100% cotton shirt- here's a tshirt I would recommend:

-Procion Dyes- Color: Brushed Steel

-Rubber Bands-

-Plastic Tray 18"x 12"- to put the shirt -

-Soda Ash- Sodium Carbonate-

-Bucket 3-5 Gallons-

-Synthrapol- dyers' detergent-

-Drop Cloth-


Filming Equipment:

-Ring Light-

-Tripod 1-

-Tripod Arm Extension-

-Tripod 2-

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Ice Dyeing is really fun and easy.  It's a bit of a process to set it up but after you get that done- you let the ice do the work for you.  In order to do ice dyeing you will need procion dye.  Procion dye comes in many brands, and some colors will actually split.  Much like mixing paint, neutral color dyes are made from many colors.  If you've studied color theory, you will know that to make brown (a tertiary color) you need one primary color and one secondary color.  In water color you can also make brown from black and blue.  You can come up with a whole palette of neutrals with different ratios of primary and secondary colors.  

One of the colors that splits really well is brushed steel from dharma trading.  I made this tshirt by doing the "in the muck" technique. 

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Before the ice melts

ice dye tutorial

After the ice melts- let it in the dye and ice run off for 24 hours

ice dye tutorial

I made a tshirt with just a little bit of brushed steel and it turned out really cool.  I made it for my husband but now I want one for myself! You can check out the whole video on my youtube.


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