Usually Itajime patterns are made with indigo, but I wanted to use it with tie dye colors.  I am using procion dyes (or tie dye) with this traditional Japanese pattern for a cool twist on modern tie dye.  I wanted to go with a earthy color palette- inspired by the forrest or camouflage.  I did a poll on instagram and people voted to call this color palette "Forrest Scape"  I love that name.  

how to ice dye for beginners skillshare class

How to Ice Dye for Beginners Supply List

I am excited to announce that I have published a Skillshare class: How to Ice Dye for Beginners.  If you have Skillshare Premium, you can watch it with your membership.  If you don't you can sign up for a free 14 day trial with the link here : https://skl.sh/3xKUPJf
tie dye pattern modern colors


I'm so excited to launch my Modern Tie Dye Kits.  They are so fun and fresh.  Each kit comes with dyes, 3 things to dye, supplies to tie everything up and a free tutorial video.  You will get enough dye to tie dye more than what's in the kit, so if you have some extra t-shirts or totebags you can tie them up too.  What's your favorite colorway?  I love them all but mine is Desert Sunset. :) Here's my latest video of the reveals.  

marble dyeing on fabric tie dye and shaving cream


 I've been wanting to try marble dyeing for quite some time. I had some left over dye from my modern colors tie dye kit- click link to see.  So I broke out the shaving cream and got to work!  I love the way it turned out and can't wait to try it again.  

tie dye with shibori pattern


I've been playing with a lot of tie dye lately.  I wanted to incorporate traditional shibori techniques with modern colors and tie dye.  So i decided to do a kumo shiobori tie and use my arctic waters tie dye kit as the dye.  It's a departure from the usual indigo and it's fun to branch out colorwise.  The kit is available here:

tie dye with indigo- shibori pattern



We all know the most exciting part of the dyeing process or a dyeing workshop is the moment when you get to open it up! So I decided to compile a bunch of reveals into one video.  I think it's sort of relaxing to watch and can spark ideas for you.  Check it out and thanks for watching. xoxo

My Online Shibori Workshop:



Shibori indigo tie dye tutorial for beginners

Shibori- Indigo Dyeing Turtorial Step By Step- Beginner

Written step by step instructions for resist dyeing with indigo
May 24, 2020 — Catherine Ruhl
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