tie dye with shibori pattern

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I've been playing with a lot of tie dye lately.  I wanted to incorporate traditional shibori techniques with modern colors and tie dye.  So i decided to do a kumo shiobori tie and use my arctic waters tie dye kit as the dye.  It's a departure from the usual indigo and it's fun to branch out colorwise.  The kit is available here:

tie dye kit with modern colors


So first I folded the fabric into a diagonal grid and then marked the centers of the squares.  I wanted to have a guide for where to put the 'webs'.  Then I went about tying up the fabric with thread.  

tie dye kumo shibori technique

then I soaked it in the soda ash solution and applied the dye via the squeeze bottles included in the kit.  I let it sit overnight in plastic wrap, and then rinsed in cold until the water ran clear.  Then I washed it on hot with synthrapol and dried it on hot.

tie dye pattern tutorial

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