natural dyed fabric with onions

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I decided to venture into the world of natural dyeing!  I am starting with natural onion dyeing because it's easy and only called for a salt solution.  Most dyeing calls for chemicals, but there are ways to get natural colors without the chemicals. Onion skin dyeing is one of the easiest types of natural dyeing. 
I collected my onion skins from meals I made over a month or so.  They are easy to collect because they are dry and don't go bad.  I used the little yellow onions that come in a bag because they are have so much peel on them!
Natural fibers to dye- 100% cotton, linen, and I used a vintage doily that was
Water 1 ½ cup salt
Onion Skins of 8 yellow onions- just the skins not the edible part

-Rubber Bands-

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Process: I tied up the fabric with various shibori folding techniques and then soaked them in the salt solution for about an hour.  I warmed the salt solution before soaking to make sure the salt was totally dissolved.  I saved the salt solution after soaking so I could add it to the pot after a while.  

Then I started the heat on my big pot and added the clean onion skins.  I let them start to get hot for about 20 min.  I never let the solution boil but just kept it at a simmer.  I bought a little hot plate to do this in my studio space but I did the test swatches on the stove.  I have a lot of fun projects planned for this hot plate :)
I added the fabric in and let it simmer for 2 hours.  After the fabric started to show some color (about 1 hour) I added the salt solution to the pot.  After 2 hours I took the fabric out of the natural onion dye and let them cool.  I rinsed them with cold water.  Then I washed them with syntrapol.  I heat set them with the iron on high.  I think they turned out a really nice peachy color.  I'm definitely excited to try more natural dyeing!  

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