improv denim quilt

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-Denim Scraps of various washes


-Sashiko Thread-

-Brother Serger-


-Ironing Mat- 

I love to quilt with denim, even though it's a little rowdy.  I love all things indigo and denim is the most popular thing to be made with indigo.  I made a quilt years ago with denim and gathered all types of vintage jeans to make it.  I couldn't bare to throw out the scraps, so I kept them.  I've made a few projects with them.  I wanted to do try an improv quilt.  I'm not an expert quilter, but I grew up around quilting and quilters.  I love the idea of quilting without a pattern, and making decisions as I go.  I really do think that the fabric likes to dictate where it goes.  I frequently stop to asses the layout and evaluate the lights and darks happening.  

The first step was sewing a few pieces together to make a block for the center.  Then I added strips alternating from horizontal to vertical to build out the face of the pillow.  I wanted to make sure that the lights, mediums, and darks were balanced and not touching each other.  It's not as easy as it seems.  

Then I cut out the batting and a back piece to start hand quilting. I attached the Batting after pinning it extensively I used sashiko thread to hand quilt it.  I made large basting stitches along the seams to accentuate the pattern.  After hand quilting I made an envelope back and put the insert in there.  

Have you done any improv quilting or made a denim quilted project.  Let me know in the comment section.  

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