batik easter eggs pysanky dyed

I've been making batik eggs since I was a little kid. They are so fun and delicate.  I love to come up with patterns- modern and traditional patterns on eggs.  The first step is to blow out the egg and clean it.  Then you need to plug up the holes and start to put down the pattern.  I like to put down the most wax on the white layer.  I like to have most of the shapes outlined in white.  And it's easier to visualize the design's colors once the outline is established.  The first color after white is yellow and then you move on to light blue, light green, oranges, reds, purples, dark green/blues, and black.  Traditionally black is usually the last color and it does have a way of making it looks super polished.  It can also cover up any imperfections that come out throughout the eggs trips in the dye baths.  

Set Up Video- I mix up dyes, set up my work area, clean my egg, and plug the holes:

Once you get the hang of using your kistka and the thought process of resist dyeing you can start to plan out your patterns.  I like to do geometric ideas and also I think its fun to make tattoo outline drawings.  I would recommend looking for photos or illustrations you like as inspiration for your designs.  Drawing on an egg is sort of trick so it's nice to have a visual for reference.  Here's video of an geometric pattern to give you some insight to my process. 

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