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I have put up the second video of the chair reupholstery!  It turned out so cute.  I love it and it's really comfortable.  Check it the video and please subscribe to my YouTube channel : Catherine Ruhl

In part one of the process, I took apart the chair and made a pattern from the pieces.  I cut out the pieces and glued the foam to the wooden base of the  seat of the chair.  The next thing was to sew up the pieces of shibori fabric from the pattern.  I had to be careful to remember the way it was constructed before I ripped it apart.  Luckily I took a lot of pictures for my own notes. 

Adding the head rest to the back

reupholstery tutorial office chair

Adding the velcro to the inside of the backing to keep it sticking together inside the metal frame:

reupholstery tutorial office chair

Adding a zipper to the bottom of the chair back.  I used a coat zipper and shortened it by hand.

reupholstery tutorial office chair


Finally I got the back sleeve over the frame!  It looks nice.  I had to adjust it to be tighter- this is something I noticed about the backing is that it tends to stretch out. 

reupholstery tutorial office chair

Sewing up the seat pieces


reupholstery tutorial office chair

Assembled the chair and tried it out- The back was still stretching and not as supportive as I wanted it to be.

reupholstery tutorial office chair

I decided to make a lumbar support with straps of shibori I had left over from my mask making.  See post here:

Then I wanted to weave it with some twine to give it a hand woven natural look. This is the string I used

Done!! I'm in love.  It's really cool looking and very comfortable.  What an adventure.

reupholstery tutorial office chair

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