tie dye with indigo kumo shibori tutorial

This is such a beautiful pattern that I love and it's requires minimal supplies! You will only need fabric and thread!  It can be as dense as you would like or as sparse as you like.  I always think this one looks like Jelly Fish floating in the sea! 

Wrapping Technique:

Pinch where you want the center of the jelly fish and bring it up into a peak.  Wrap thread around the tip of the peak and keep wrapping until you get to the base of the peak.  Wrap it up and back down multiple times.  Tie it off once the peak is tightly wrapped.  

Before Dipping!

After Dipping

dipped shibori jelly fish pattern

Admiring this beautiful piece!

Catherine Ruhl Jellyfish Pattern Shibori Indigo Tie Dye

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