indigo tie dye shibori pillow arashi pattern

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Pipe wrapping is a really fun way of doing shibori.  You can do it very nice and neat, and you can also do it very wild and free!  I am doing the later today in this video.  I like the organic shapes it make when the fabric naturally starts to pleat and twist when doing this technique.  

Here's the pipe ready to go into the vat.  


Arashi shibori pipe wrapped with fabric


-100% Cotton Pillows 4 pack-

If you prefer to use an indigo kit this is a good one- 

-Jacquard Indigo Kit:

Indigo ingredients for a 2x2x1 vat

- Pre-reduced indigo-

-Soda Ash- Sodium Carbonate-


-Bucket 3-5 Gallons-

-Synthrapol- dyers' detergent-


-Ironing Mat-

-Ironing Board-


-4” Pipe-

-Drop Cloth



Filming Equipment:

-Ring Light-

-Tripod 1-

-Tripod Arm Extension-

-Tripod 2-

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Some of the above links are affiliate links- thanks for your support. 

arashi pipe wrapped shibori pillow


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