quilted wall hanging indigo tie dye quilt shibori

I was so excited when I was asked to make this large scale wall hanging!  My friend bought an apartment and wanted a big shibori piece for her living room.  I was given a lot of artistic freedom, which was so awesome!  I was honored that she asked me and I was excited to do some quilting! 

The finished layout!

Final photo of quilted shibori wall hanging

I started by going through my extensive fabric stash!  I had been to fabrscrap as a volunteer to sort through fabric.  If you volunteer there you can get free fabric, so I found some really cool pieces in the random barrel last time.  I also decided to use a lot of pieces I had made to demo at my workshops or make tutorials for my YouTube Channel

Recycled Textiles from Fab Scrap

Figuring out the layout was sort of tricky.  I wanted to make sure I used the best parts of the designs I had chosen and had a good balance of lights and darks next to each other.  I like to let the pieces "tell me where they want to go"  I took multiple sessions to decide and tweaked things here and there before I had decided what to do.

Shibori Quilted Wall Hanging Layout

As always there was some seam ripping involved.  haha

Seam Ripping shibori wall hanging

It's getting there! 

shibori wall hanging layout

I wanted something natural looking for the backing.  I also wanted the backing to be strong.  I decided to go with a natural colored burlap with a frayed edge on the bottom.  I ordered multiple yards and sewed it up to be a few inched bigger than the top on each side.  I made sure to leave more room on the top so I could fold it over to make a Pocket.  I also used a heavy duty interfacing on the sides and top edges to reinforce it.  I wanted a "natural" realxed look but I didn't want it to looks sloppy.  

Burlap Back

The next step was to actually quilt it.  I used A LOT of safety pins to secure the top to the backing (no batting).  Then I chose to stitch in the ditch on all the major seams.  This was a 2 person job- Thanks Mom!  I went slow to make sure there were no bubbles or weirdness

wall hanging on the backing

After it was secured I decided to hand quilt a bit to give it a nice hand made touch. I used Shashiko thread to do a running stitch along the major seams and where ever I thought would look nice.  

shibori wall hanging

Link to sashiko thread below:

Sashiko Thread- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006O1ECPS/?ref=exp_onyxmatter_dp_vv_d

shashiko thread

Link to embroidery hoop below:

I also used a huge embroidery hoop-


Please note that the links are affiliate links, thanks for your support. 

The hand quilting was pretty time consuming but by the time I got to that part, I figured it was worth a little extra effort.  I love the way the shashiko thread looks against the shibori and it made it extra special.  I'm so happy with the way it turned out.  Check out the video on YouTube and subscribe for more videos and projects!  Thanks!

quilting shibori

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