dip dye fabric tutorial

Dip dyeing is such a beautiful and simple technique.  Another name for dip dyeing is ombre.  Ombre is having a moment when it comes to hair dyeing and nails- but its also possible to do it on fabric! It's simple but a little tricky.  I takes patience but it's worth the time and effort.  

First make sure that you are working with a natural fiber- like cotton or linen.  I'm working with linen.  It's one of my favorite fibers to work with when it comes to indigo.  You will also need to wash the fabric- also known as scouring.  

Next you will need to prep your indigo vat- I'm using an existing one.  If you need to punch it up you can add a small amount of chemicals or mix up a new indigo vat.  

Then I got the fabric wet and I dipped the pillow first to the half way mark of the pillow.  I held it with my hands in a circular way to keep the fabric not touching itself.   After I dipped it for about a minute.  I took it out and put it on the rack to dry.  Make sure your rack is clean.  I let it dry and then I washed it with synthrapol.  I washed it by hand since it is so small.  Then I let it dry completely.  I decided for the second dip I would do a dry dip to avoid getting the tendrils drawn up into the white section.  It's a little trick to get the dry fabric to go into the vat on an even plane.  But I just worked it in slowly and let it really soak up the indigo. I honestly really like working with dry dip because it seems to get the darkest color.  For the second dip, I dipped it about 2 inches above the first line of the first dip.  I held it in the vat for another minute and then I put on the drying rack to dry again.  

I only did two dips for this one, but you can do as many dips as you want to get the desired shade.  If you make a dip dye piece be sure to post it on instagram and tag me @onyxartstudios so I can see your results! 

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